Spengler's Restaurant & Pub

713 N. Perry Street, Napoleon, OH 43545

HOURS: Mon-Thu 7am - 10pm | Fri-Sat 6am - Midnight


About Us

About Spenglers

Spenglers is a Henry County tradition and historic landmark located in beautiful downtown Napoleon, Ohio. The business was originally established as a grocery store in 1879 by William Spengler and Gustave Kohler. Over the years, Spenglers evolved from a grocery operation to a store and saloon with the addition of a well-known “œback end” located behind the grocery.

Throughout its storied history, Spenglers has provided a traditional meeting place for Henry County residents and served as a piece of living history that links us all with our past. Perhaps John Phillip Jaqua put it best in his 1992 book that helped celebrate Spenglers 100th year of continuous operation.: “œAsk anyone in Henry County, Ohio who”™s acquainted with downtown Napoleon to name the old and dearly loved one-of-a-kind place on North Perry Street and just about everyone will reply with the same answer. Then, mention the words nostalgic, ancient, unusual, old fashioned or unique and most likely they”™ll say that any one of these words could easily describe the same downtown store…affectionately known as Spenglers.”

Today, the Weideman family is carrying on the proud traditions of old fashioned friendliness and service at Spenglers and looks forward to serving you.



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